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Globetrotting With Your Best Friend!

Whether it’s  holiday travel, a vacation, or just a short trip running errands around town, if your dog is coming with you, then you should always be mindful of them and what they need to be safe.

If you’re traveling by car with your dog, the best option is to have a crate for your pup. This will protect you and them in the case of hard braking, or even worse, an accident. Try using a crate made of aluminum or heavy-duty plastic. These will be the strongest crates and provide the best protection.

If you, or your dog, don’t like crates; the next best option is a safety harness. There are multiple types of safety harnesses. The most reliable design is a harness that connects directly to the seat belt. In the event of an accident, this harness is designed to not slip off the seat belt. It prevents your dog from becoming a flying projectile. However, this option is still not as safe as a sturdy, properly secured crate.

For some of us, it might be the first trip our pups have taken. If this is the case, we recommend taking your dog on a few shorter drives. Do this before making the long trek to your vacation destination. This will allow your pup some time to adjust to riding in the car. It will reduce their anxiety levels, making both of your vacations much easier.

Finally, if it’s a long trip, make sure to make frequent stops. This will allow your dog to stretch their legs, go to the bathroom, eat a couple treats, and get some water. When stopping, we recommend keeping your dog in their harness rather than a collar. The harness will not easily slip off your dog if they become overly excited and try pulling away from you. Don’t forget your pup’s leash! Use a leash that is 6 feet long or less if possible. Most laws and business regulations set this as the standard length.

If your vacation requires you to travel by plane, don’t forget to make yourself fully aware of policies. Some airlines and airports have become very dog-friendly. Check around and hopefully find one that is best accommodating.

Happy traveling!! We hope you and your pup enjoy your next trip and make amazing memories together!

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