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The Best Pet Stores In Michigan In 2024

Here in Michigan, we are really lucky to have an amazing selection of top notch pet supply stores. When I say "top notch," I mean the people behind these stores are filled with love and passion for what they do and how they do it. From the Owner to the new hire, these stores  love your pets more than you can imagine and they want the best for them. That's why last year, we asked everyone in a poll to tell us your ABSOLUTE FAVORITES. We would help spread the word of their awesomeness! This was an eye opener for us, because we were completely unaware of a few of these stores! Without further ado,  here are THE BEST PET STORES TO SHOP AT IN MICHIGAN IN 2024!


There’s so much to say about Preuss Pets, you truly have to experience it yourself! They are a legitimate destination to visit. And, oh yeah, they also have top-notch expertise. You have to see our fish selection to believe it. We also have reptiles, spiders, and small mammals. And, of course, something for your dog and cat too. Don’t forget to feed the coy fish while you’re there!


Premier Pet Supply started small and grew immensely over time. It is the definition of being great at what you do. These stores have absolutely everything. They have things you didn’t even know you needed! Did I mention their customer service is impeccable? The staff is super knowledgeable and always friendly. You can’t go wrong when you stop by any of their thirteen locations!


Joey’s has always been a place where you can find quality options for your fur-family. In the last few years, new management has added a wealth of knowledge. Customers have become even more loyal to this amazing store. If you’re in the area, stop by and see if they have something your dog has always wanted!


Started in 2006, this store is the product of two people in love and their true labor of love. These two have experience in the pet industry dating back to 1990. They make all of their decisions with your pets in mind! The sore itself I worth stopping by to check out, with a custom counter and other one of a kind design features. The products available here are all carefully selected. You may not find many items here anywhere else.


Lou’s has grown their following quickly and once you go there and talk with the staff, you’ll quickly see why. This store treats every customer like family. They will always go the extra mile to make sure you have what you need for your pets! Check out their unique selection. See why they have quickly become one of the favorite spots in the Mitten!                                                                                                                                                     

You don’t have to look any further than their code of ethics and promise to customers. You’re going to love The Pet Beastro. They carefully curate nothing but the best for your fur-family. Rest assured you’re in good hands as soon as you walk through the doors! Plan a trip to one of their locations and pick up something you will feel good about giving your dog!

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