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Keep Fido Safe, While You're Out Bagging That Monster Buck!

Deer hunting season is happening in Michigan. We want to share tips to keep your pet safe from Elmer Fudd. We all know not to go tromping through the woods during hunting season. We can prepare our pets and change our habits to keep them happy and playful.

Safety Gear

I don't mean giving Spike backpacks and helmets for rock climbing. During hunting season, it's crucial to leash your dog to prevent any accidents. Especially if you live in rural areas like we do. If a hunter mistakes your pet for their prey, a simple situation of "He ran away" can turn tragic.

That’s why it’s honestly a really great idea to get an orange vest for your dog, like the one you probably have for yourself. It sounds silly, but hunters will stand down at the site of fluorescent orange. The same reason it works for you and I, will be the reason it could save your pets’ life also. To easily find your dog in brush and corn fields, attach a bell or rattle to its vest.

Be Actively Aware

Knowing your local hunting seasons, zoning and regulations is definitely the first step. This way you will know the date periods for which to be cautious. The next step is using that info to make some solid decisions. If you live in a rural area where many hunters frequent, alter your walking habits for the hunting season. Make sure your pets are never left alone in the yard and can't run after anything. Basically, we want to go above and beyond during this time to make sure our fur-family is safe!

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