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No Bad Apples In This Bunch!

Your dog might find a delicious and nutritious snack in your backyard. What you ask? APPLES of course! Being a Michigander, we are spoiled with a large selection of fresh apples. The apple industry in our state has a big impact on the economy. It brings in over $800 million every year (Michigan Specialty Crops, n.d). In Michigan, there are 850 family-run farms with over 9.2 million apple trees. The farms cover about 36,500 acres. There are plenty of places around the mitten to get apples for you and your dog.

You can choose to leave the skin on if you’d like. If you do, your dog will get beta carotene and phytonutrients that may prevent cancer. If not, it's okay. Apples are an amazing source of Vitamin C and fiber, which are two things we can all use (Pure Michigan Fit, n.d).

When feeding your dog apples, remember not to give them too many apple seeds. The seeds of an apple contain trace amounts of cyanide (Pask, n.d). Even though a small amount of cyanide isn't deadly, it can become harmful if consumed for a long time.

With that in mind, the health benefits of an apple make it so worth taking a minute to cut it up you and your pooch! If you don’t have time or feel comfortable feeding your dog a raw apple, you can always try apple infused treats. Things like our Apple Honey all natural treats are always a great option. Give your dog an apple today, tomorrow, everyday if you’d like. I bet they will love them; if they don’t already!

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