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Michigan Born, Michigan Made

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Cue the Pure Michigan background music:

There is a place with a never-ending shoreline. It also has wandering forests and grand wildlife. Where Great Lakes stretch farther than the eye can see, and island fudge is the favorite treat. People from outside refer to it as the Great Lakes State, the Mitten, or the High-Five of the United States. But for those who are blessed to come from this amazing land, there is only one name for it: home. This is Pure Michigan.

If you're from Michigan, the first paragraph might have made you think of Tim Allen's calming voice. Michigan is a popular place to live because it has many parks and lakes. We here at Riker’s are very proud to be a Michigan-made product, and to call Michigan our home.

Riker’s Dog Treats is one of the many very special businesses to be grown in Michigan. Michigan has numerous small businesses, like ours, that provide excellent goods and services. Michigan is known for producing high-quality products that are used nationwide and worldwide. Our state is very diverse in terms of agriculture. California is the second most diverse agricultural state. It grows over 200 different types of crops. (, 2013)

Living, shopping, and being local are daily inspirations for us. Take pride in being a Michigander and the great State of Michigan. If you’re not from Michigan, take some time to learn about the places you’re visiting. Get out and explore our state! Visit local markets, fairs, festivals, and community events. Help local businesses and their communities. When you buy from us or a local vendor, remember you're supporting your neighbor. Buying local, after all, is Pure Michigan.

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