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Sometimes The Biggest Heroes Have Tails!

In this life, we may not always get along with, or share the same beliefs as our fellow human. We may even truly not like our neighbors. In the United States, when a neighbor is in trouble, we come together to help them, no matter how we feel.

Today, we remember the tens of thousands of lives affected by the 9/11 attacks on New York City, New York in 2001. Many of these lives were taken from us almost in an instant. Others battle health conditions and mental trauma to this day. A big terrorist event in the northeast made rescuers and volunteers from all over the U.S.A. come quickly.

One of those tremendously brave souls wasn’t even a human at all. Bretagne, a Golden Retriever, was a search and rescue dog. She helped search for human survivors in debris. Many dogs have gotten sick and died, just like humans. Bretagne is the only one left. During her work at ground zero, she was respected for her relentless efforts. Many of the human rescuers would draw comfort from her happy smiling face and demeanor.

Bretagne came back to NYC on September 10, 2015. It was her second time since the 9/11 disaster. She received a hero’s welcome! She was in town to celebrate her Sweet 16 Birthday, and celebrate she did. She was welcomed back with signs and billboards, and BarkPost gave her a pamper package for dogs. Bretagne had a great time in a vintage NYC Taxi, enjoying a gourmet burger, a doggy splash park, lots of toys, and even a dog-friendly cake!

In a small way, Bretagne exemplifies EXACTLY what it is to be an American. Even after a horrific event that panicked so many. We will always have bravery on our side!

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers will forever be with the families affected by the 9/11 disaster.

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