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When Considering What to Feed, KIS is Effective Indeed

In 2023, more than ever are dog food and treat consumers demanding high-quality ingredients for their pets. Many are even switching to making their own food. When changing diets, you'll need to be conscious of a few things to be sure of actual quality and effectiveness. The main thing is to keep it simple (KIS) and gather enough quality information to make the best decision for your fur-family!

1.       Consult your VET!

-          They can really be a great informational source to ensure we change their diet in a way that’s healthiest for our dogs.


2.        Consider your dog’s SIZE, ACTIVITY LEVEL, and any BREED-SPECIFIC needs

-          We always want to make sure we are not over or under feeding our dog the nutrients they need to be strong each day.


3.       Look at the INGREDIENTS on the back, don’t be fooled by the front label

-          Let’s face it, business is marketing. Every pet food company knows that. The difference is many of them focus only on marketing, and not on providing a quality product. It’s important to know the ingredients we feed our dogs!... Or ourselves for that matter. Lol.


4.       If you choose to make it yourself, RESEARCH your dog’s nutritional needs.

-          Every dog can vary slightly, but size and activity level are big factors in determining amounts. Make sure to educate yourself as to how dogs absorb nutrients. This will help you select the ingredients you use, and how they are prepared. See the example below for a rough idea of what you will be looking for nutrition-wise.


5.       Make subtle changes, and monitor closely!

-          You never want to make a dramatic change to any diet, unless you absolutely have to. This alone can result in an upset stomach. Also, make sure to keep a close eye on your dog and their “digestive habits” during the dietary change.



Remember, keep it simple (KIS) but healthy and your dog will have plenty of energy to keep on loving you!

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